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EPON+CATV Make it Possible

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EPON+CATV Make it Possible

October 26, 2017
Latest company case about EPON+CATV Make it Possible


Case 2


A unit of the Jinan Military Region uses optical fiber transceivers as the main transmission means of the internet, and uses coaxial cables to transmit cable television signals.

Since the coaxial cable will produce energy attenuation during the transmission process, it is not conducive to long-distance transmission. The troop camp area is generally wide, and the cable TV network cannot fully cover it, so that some camp areas cannot watch TV.



Aiming at the current situation, we provide a network transformation plan, which effectively utilizes the existing optical network to transmit cable TV and Ethernet services, so as to achieve the goal of network-to-shift scheduling.


By using EPON+CATV to transmit Ethernet and cable TV in a passive optical network, cable TV can reach places that could not be reached before, and make full use of the relatively sufficient optical fiber resources of the army to improve the network and cable TV coverage.


1. In the military network room, place the optical interface of the cable TV transmitter transmitter as FC/APC

2. The transmitter is connected to the EDFA optical amplifier (1 point N), and the splitting ratio is arranged according to the actual needs

3. The amplifier is connected to the WDM (wavelength division multiplexing device) interface FC/APC 1550nm

4. The PON port of the OLT module is connected to the WDM, and the interface type is SC

5. The COM port of the WDM is connected to the connection box, and the type of the COM port is

6. The optical cable reaches each beam splitting point, and the corresponding beam splitter is placed at the beam splitting point (the splitting ratio is determined according to the actual situation)

7. The optical fiber from the optical splitter reaches each company, and the ONU is placed in the company cabinet. The OUN interface is FC-APC.

8. OUN connected (RJ-45, twisted pair) switch and cable TV (BNC, coaxial cable) branch.

9. Cable TV and network enter each shift, connect TV and computer

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